Natural Gas Exploration Support Services (Marcellus Shale)

Photograph showing well site

Groundwater Sciences Corporation (GSC), with offices in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Vestal and Beacon, New York, offers services key to the development of the Marcellus Shale. Since 1987, GSC has supported industrial, commercial, mining, petroleum and municipal clients with technical expertise and regulatory/permitting experience regarding water supply and waste disposal. We have developed and implemented many home-owner water supply well sampling programs, some in especially sensitive circumstances involving state and federal Superfund sites.

Map showing Marcellus Shale and GSC office locations
Baseline and Post-Drilling Groundwater Sampling
Monitoring Plan Development
Water Supply Well Sampling & Testing
Surface & Groundwater Monitoring
Gas Migration Studies
Stray Gas Investigations
Development of Frac Water Sources
Surface Water Withdrawals
Groundwater Sources
Waste Water
Mine Water
Public Water Supplies
Permitting & Approvals of Frac Water Supplies
Surface Water / Groundwater / Mine Drainage / Wastewater
Surface Water Withdrawal Applications
Consumptive Use Applications
Groundwater Withdrawal Applications
Water Management Plans
Groundwater Source Development
Extensive Experience with Well Siting and Placement
Aquifer Pumping Tests
Water Availability Analysis