Our Clients

Oil & Gas Companies

We offer the following services to the petroleum industry, including support for natural gas exploration in the Marcellus shale:

Investigation and Remediation of Spills and Releases
  • We take the lead in interacting with PADEP
  • We submit reports that may lead to relief from liability
  • We discuss options for various cleanup standards (guide the client)
  • We determine when site characterization and remediation are necessary
Water Supply Development and Permitting
  • We explore using groundwater and/or surface water as viable sources of hydrofrac water
  • We perform structural analysis studies and geophysical surveys
  • We calculate water budgets and assess base flows
  • We collect and arrange for testing of water samples from wells and streams
  • We interact with regulatory agencies to obtain the necessary permits
Hydrogeologic Baseline Services
  • We can notify neighbors and sample their well water to establish baseline conditions before drilling begins
  • We conduct pumping tests to establish long-term aquifer yields
  • We collect samples of dissolved gases in groundwater to establish baseline water quality
Oil and Gas Permitting