About Us

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Respect, Responsibility and Relationships

The core values of respect, relationships and responsibility are at the heart of all we do in the conduct of our business. Only in this way and through responsible business practices will we ensure a sustainable business.

We aim to create a working environment where our employees and business partners will do the right thing and speak out about any concerns. We take our responsibilities to our employees, clients and other stakeholders seriously and strive to work to the highest standards.

We recognize that our operations potentially give rise to risk. We work hard to eliminate or minimize those risks. By doing so, we believe we can prevent all injuries and harm to our employees, our business partners and to members of the public.

Protecting the environment is extremely important to us and is a significant part of our reputation as a responsible business. The effect we have on the environment depends on how we work, together with our supply chain. Our goal is to reduce any impact we may have and look for ways to improve our operations.

We create an inclusive workplace and treat all our employees fairly and with respect. We also make sure our employees have the chance to develop to their full potential, regardless of race, gender, nationality, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion or background.

Groundwater Sciences Corporation is a 100‚Äźpercent employee owned company and as such, we integrate sustainability into all aspects of our organization: from our growth through all our services and in our core values of respect, responsibility and relationships. This progressive approach leads to responsible investment decisions with healthier, safer, more engaged personnel, and increased value for our clients.

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