Water Resource Consulting

Photograph of groundwater supply source

Groundwater Sciences Corporation (GSC) has extensive experience in providing consulting services to search for and develop groundwater as a water supply source to industrial, municipal, engineering, commercial, and agricultural clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Our staff has a thorough understanding of the complexities that one can encounter in various geologic terrains. GSC staff applies proven techniques to assess the groundwater resource potential of an area and to install, test, and analyze a groundwater supply source.

GSC has developed community and non-community water supply sources for drinking water, process water, and irrigation. Our extensive experience and knowledgeable application of techniques have resulted in a high degree of success in developing highly productive groundwater sources while meeting the project goals and schedules of our clients.

Photograph of groundwater supply source
Well Siting
Hydrogeologic Evaluations
Fracture Trace Analysis
Surficial Deposits Mapping
Structural Analysis/Geophysical Surveys
Water Budgets/Base Flow Assessment
Environmental Assessments
Exploration & Testing
Test Well/Production Well Specifications and Installation Supervision
Pump Test Design/Supervision/Analysis
Aquifer Characterization
Well Interference Analysis
Water Quality Screening
Well Management/Rehabilitation
Turbidity & Debris Remediation
Iron/Biofouling Assessment & Correction
Well Redevelopment/Yield Restoration
Drought Impact Assessment
Contaminant Impact Assessment
Water Supply Permitting/Protection
Wellhead/Springhead Protection
Hydrogeologic Reporting
Water Supply Planning Support/SWPP Plans
Regulatory Agency Approvals
Water Quality Assessment/SWIP Plans
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List of Municipal Clients for Water Resource Consulting:
(click on highlighted clients for representative project descriptions)

List of Private Clients for Water Resource Consulting:

  • Adams County Winery (PA) – agricultural water supply
  • Pennsylvania American Water (PA) – public water supply and expert opinion
  • Confidential Heavy Equipment Manufacturer (PA) – industrial process water supply
  • Confidential Large Technology Company (NY) – public facility water supply, cooling water supply, irrigation water supply, and regional public supply exploration
  • County Commissioners Association of PA (CCAP) – expert opinion, spring water supply
  • Mayapple Golf Course (PA) – golf course irrigation water supply
  • Stoney Mountain Springs (PA) – bottled water company
  • Triple M Associates (PA) – recreational facility water supply
  • Twin Springs Farm (PA) – agricultural water supply
  • St. James School (MD) – expert opinion on water supply development for a golf course