Leaking Underground Storage Tank (UST) Investigations and Corrective Actions

Photograph of leaking fuel and chemical storage tanks

Groundwater Sciences Corporation (GSC) has extensive experience in providing consulting services related to the assessment and remediation of leaking fuel and chemical storage tank impacts. Our staff has a thorough understanding of the difficulties one can encounter in dealing with petroleum products and solvents in various geologic terrains. We apply proven techniques to assess tank impacts, characterize soil and groundwater conditions, and select an appropriate remediation alternative to correct the problem.

Diagram showing impact of leaking UST

Our reputation for quality service and sensible approach to dealing with difficult tank problems is exceptional. One indication of our commitment to technical excellence is our service as a technical third party reviewer for the Pennsylvania Underground Storage Tank Indemnification Fund (USTIF). Our wide experience and knowledgeable application of available techniques have resulted in a high degree of success in selecting appropriate cleanup options. Our experience in site remediation ranges from aggressive remedial methods to natural attenuation following source removal.

Tank Closure/Impact Assessment
Closure Compliance Oversight
Soil Impact Assessment
Hydrogeologic Characterization
Groundwater Monitoring
Product/Source Forensic Investigation
Impact Delineation
Impact Remediation
Product Recovery
Air Sparging & Soil Vapor Extraction
Groundwater Removal & Treatment
Natural Attenuation Applicability
Enhanced Biodegradation
Impacted Soil Removal