PaDEP Northeast Region

Industrial Park/Railroad Yard, Carbondale

At this site in Carbondale, northeast of Scranton, Groundwater Sciences Corporation (GSC) worked for a buyer who was purchasing six lots in an industrial park that is a former rail yard. The Notice of Intent to Remediate (NIR) was submitted identifying this property as a Special Industrial Area (SIA) in an enterprise zone.

As such, the NIR indicated that the industrial development authority that owned the property wanted to secure a release from liability for itself and for all subsequent owners and operators, based on the SIA provisions of Act 2. GSC completed the characterization and remediation of the site using funding from the local redevelopment authority and grants from the Industrial Sites Reuse Program (ISRP). A Release from Liability was received from the PaDEP, reflecting not only application of the SIA provisions of Act 2 but also the granting of a non-use aquifer designation, which greatly reduced the costs of the cleanup.