PaDEP Northcentral Region

Downtown Brownfields Site, Williamsport

Groundwater Sciences Corporation (GSC) was engaged by the seller, Tampella Power / Kvaerner, to facilitate the sale and redevelopment of this property in downtown Williamsport. For over 100 years, this site was used for the manufacture of heavy industrial boilers.

GSC investigated numerous underground storage tank locations, a small R&D facility, areas where cutting and lubricating oils were used extensively, and areas where solvents had been used and stored. Site impacts included petroleum constituents, solvents, cutting oil and metals in soil, and petroleum constituents and solvents in groundwater.

GSC helped to negotiate the tri-lateral buy-sell agreement, the first one of its kind in the PaDEP northcentral region. Through soil excavation and demonstrations of “no complete exposure pathway” and eliminated exposure pathways, GSC submitted a Final Report and received Relief from Liability using a combination of the Statewide Health Standard and Site-Specific Standard for this former industrial site. The property has been successfully redeveloped as a Wegmans grocery store in downtown Williamsport.